Hire a General Contractor in Kissimmee, FL

MPG Management gives you access to a network of contractors who specialize in painting, remodeling, refinishing, and more. 

About MPG

MPG Management has been in business for over 20 years specializing in apartment key turn services, and now we’re expanding into residential and commercial work. We have found success in helping various property management companies, commercial owners, and homeowners keep up their buildings and units. MPG Management is an industry leader in Central Florida.

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Interior & Exterior Painting

Whatever vision you have in mind, interior or exterior, we’ve got your back. Our painting process is a hassle free experience for you as we take care of transforming your space.

Drywall Repairs

We are happy to help you restore or repair your damaged drywall or install new walls in your home. We can also take down walls wherever needed.

Cleaning & Pressure Washing

MPG Management has an in-house professional cleaning team to provide efficient cleaning and trash removal services for your home or business.

Tub, Tile & Countertop Refinishing

MPG Management experts will repair your kitchen countertops, bathroom tubs, and cabinets to make them look and function like new.


MPG Management remodeling service is designed to transform your space into a place that you feel proud of and love to show off to family and friends.

Garage Door Repair

MPG Management garage door repair service helps your garage door last longer. We’ll take care of everything from routine maintenance to expert repairs.

Pressure Washing

MPG Management pressure washing service gives a clean, shiny and pristine look at your property. We can transform your home just by washing it.


MPG Management has an experienced team of craftsmen to carry out welding tasks. Our master welders can transform steel into viable finished products.

Sub Flooring and Tiles

We build a stable subfloor to sustain your finished floor. If you’re on a tight budget, we can also give a finished appearance to your sub floor.

Concrete, Stucco and More

Concrete sidewalk, trip hazards repairs, home or commercial stucco installations or repairs and more.

Cabinet Refinishing

Restore or replace the existing finish on your cabinets to the same or different color with our expert team!

Punch Outs

Our team will tackle your hit-list of finishing touches that you may normally hire a handyman to complete with excellence!